What a year, What a year!


Here we are in December after 9 months of change, all due to the pandemic. The Food Center has been blessed in that we moved into our new facility at the Serve Denton campus that has allowed us to adapt to the many changes brought on by Covid-19. We had to abandon our "client choice" model and move all client contact and service outdoors in the parking lot. The pandemic forced many of our volunteers to stay home, but a core group have stayed allowing the center to be open two days a week. Our wonderful core team of volunteers (DCFC is an all volunteer organization) had risen to this challenge and is now handing from a 150 to as high of 275 families a day.

Thanks to the Denton County commissioners, we have been able to keep a good quantity and variety of groceries going to our families. That consisted of a 23 pound produce box, hams and turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and many staples as cereal, canned soups and vegetables. We have been able to give each family about 90 pound per visit. We request all families to visit once every two weeks and only if they are really in need.

Unfortunately the pandemic has only gotten worse as we approach the end of the year. Also the end of year will bring an end to the County Cares funds, so we will go into 2121 with a lot of uncertainty (but a lot of hope) as to how much food we will have to give hunger insecure families in Denton county,


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The daughter, Terri Patton, of Dick and Verna Parsons made a wonderful donation in remembrance of all the years her parents volunteered at the Denton community Food Center. Dick was especially helpful