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To Honor and Remember

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Here we mention all those who have supported or contributed to the Food Center to remember family or friends,

Recently two of our long-term volunteers, Mark and Joylene Young lost their son Lyle, instead of flowers or other remembrances they requested anyone wanting to remember Lyle could donate to the Food Center. Significantly, many of their and Lyle's friends did just that. To date these people have made wonderful donations to the Food Center: Scott Smith, Brian Young, Kathie Shaffer, Craig & Leann Lemmons, Quinn Carroll, Paula McClelland, Annette Petersen, Summer Davidson, Susan Lura, Bruce Charles Luedke and Michael Jones.


We remember with much love Suzy Holt, our Vounteer Coordinator. Suzy died suddenly December 7th. We will all miss her smile and upbeat personality as well her creative annual "Volunteer Appreciation Week" gifts and treats. Suzy also served on the DCFC board of directors in addition to taking an active part in Monday's distribution of frozen foods. She will be greatly missed. Elaine and Ron Fannin made a wonderful donation in memory of Suzy. Dianne Blair made a wonderful donation to remember "a dear friend for many years" Suzy Holt. Update on Suzy Holt giving. The following people have given wonderful donations to the Food Center to remember and honor Suzy: Sandra and David Hoeing, Jerry and Judy Sawyer, Donna Jambor; Tommy and Diane Newman, Myra Crownover, Fritz Schwalm, Michael and Susan Della Rosa, Marianne Burns, Brian and Deborah Della Rosa, Curtis and Pamela Loveless, the Hughes Family(Samuel, Stephen,& Sally) Nancy Gibson, Janice Fitzgerald, Jan Goyne, Lee Ann Shannon, Carolyn Ames, Karen Headley, Becky Shinn, Lana Seay, the Hamm Family(Tory, Pamela, Jason & Bryan), Barbara Green, Nanci Odom, Michael and Chris Marion, Linda Terrill, CJ Levenstein, Berdie Archer, Dianne Carpenter, Cynthia Askew, Merrily Prescott, Jean Hood,Debbie Huffman, Margaret Schubert and Mary Eddy.

  1. Raecine Meza made a wonderful donation at the Christmas request of her sister-in-law, Brisalva Meza. Thanks to both of you.

  2. Nancy Cortes made a wonderful donation in Memory of her departed parents Bill and Betty Bell. Thank you Nancy Cortes.

  3. Jimmy M. Robinson and his wife made a wonderful donation on December 15th and wanted to thank TEAM STUCKY for sending them to the Denton Community Food Center as a great place to contribute.

  4. Jennifer Bekker made a wonderful contribution to honor the hard working staffs at the Denton Public Libraries.

  5. Susan and Scott Miller made a wonderful donation to honor their daughter, Roz. Roz suggested a gift to DCFC in lieu of a gift for Christmas! Thank you, Roz Miller.

  6. Mark Pfohl made a wonderful donation in the name of Nick and Ben Pfohl.

  7. Importantly, Glen Biglaiser made a wonderful donation in memory of Chai Suthammanont, who recently passed due to Covid-19.

  8. Recently Anthony Brock made a wonderful donation to the Food Center in memory of Frank Simonton.

  9. May 2021, Ron and Elaine Fannin made a wonderful donation in memory of Darlene Stewart.

  10. A wonderful donation was made on 8/23/2021 by Sandra Serio in memory of Carolyn Adams per her family's request.

  11. September 2nd was Dick Parson's birthday. His daughter, Terri Patton made a wonderful donation to honor him and her mom, Verna Parsons.


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