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The current economic conditions are forcing more and more familes to seek our help for food.

Heading 3

Heading 3

the Food Center has had as its mission to provide emergency food assistance from a central community storehouse to needy families and individuals in the City of Denton and Northern Denton County struggling with hunger insecurity.

Since 1974,

we have served since March 2020

of Americans are only one missed paycheck away from poverty

of Denton county residents are hunger insecure

via our records!

Survival is a  shared burden,

There's a lot of shame around asking for help. Since we've been in school, we're taught that it’s eat or be eaten—survival of the fittest. 


But survival is a shared burden, and when institutions fail to meet our needs, we can rely on the values that make us human—the social bonds that hold us together as we provide for each other.

in this time of

We have changed our distribution process to reduce personal contact and protect vulnerable individuals while staying true to our mission to help relieve hunger insecurity in our northern Denton county service area.

Watch this quick video by clicking on "NOURISHING NEIGHBORS DCFC" to learn more about how we've adapted!

Do I qualify?

Here are more local organizations in Denton County that can provide food assistance, social services, and other resources,  The Denton Community Food Center only provides fresh groceries each visit, for other social services please visit these sites or call 211. 


dcfc waiting room.jpg
We have updated our requirements to now allow the convenience of making an appointment to receive food.

Applicants/clients may  request an appointment for food once a month. Sign up  or request an appointment after registering using the PantrySoft link 


For your first appointment bring a photo ID with current address in Northern Denton County. If you are receiving SNAP benefits you qualify. 


Clients receive approximately enough food for a family of 4 for a week

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